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Roundabout Signage

Roundabout Signage


Round About Approaching: Indicates that a roundabout is ahead. Slow down when you see this sign.

roundabout approaching sign

Yeild: The Yield sign indicates to drivers that they must yield the right-of-way, stopping if necessary, before entering the roundabout, and must not proceed until it is safe to do so.

Yield sign

Directional: These directional signs show the streets that intersect at the roundabout and guide drivers to their desired street.

Directional street Sign

Lane Markings: Lane markings and side-mounted or overhead signs near the entry of the roundabout help drivers pick the lane they need to be in depending on where they're exiting.

lane markings street sign

This is an example of the overhead signs that will be used on the 67 Street/30 Avenue roundabout.

overhead lane markings street sign

Traffic Direction: Indicates traffic travels one way in the roundabout.

one way street sign

Pedestrian Crosswalk: Indicates a crosswalk, sometimes accompanied by flashing lights. Drivers should watch for pedestrians and cyclists in the crosswalk. Solid white lane lines are used on the approaches to crosswalks, prohibiting lane changes.

pedestrian crosswalk sign

Speed Limit: Follow all posted speed limits while approaching, driving in the roundabout and exiting.

speed limit sign

Median or Island Ahead: Directs motorists to the right or left of obstructions such as islands or medians.

median ahead

Divider: Divider ahead, keep right.

Divider ahead sign

Hazard warning signs:

Warns drivers of an upcoming hazard that impedes traffic and directs traffic to either side of the hazard; often used on conjunction with other signs.

upcoming hazard sign

Warns drivers of a hazard on the left; often used on conjunction with other signs.

Hazard left sign

Warns drivers of a hazard on the right; often used on conjunction with other signs.

hazard right sign

Truck Encroachment Sign: Reminds drivers that large vehicles may use both lanes of the roundabout. Give trucks plenty of room and do no attempt to pass large vehicles in the roundabout.

truck encroachment sign