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Approaching a Roundabout

You'll know you're approaching a roundabout when you see this sign. 

Slow down as you approach and watch for signs to help you pick the lane you need to be in for the direction you're going. 

Just like a typical intersection, traffic can go right, straight through or left. Before you reach the roundabout, signs and pavement markings will always indicate which lane you need to be in for the direction you want to go. 

For example, this sign tells you that you need to enter the roundabout in the left lane if you want to turn left. If you want to go straight through, you need to enter the roundabout from the left or right lane. If you're turning right, you would need to enter from the right lane. 

The roundabouts at 67 Street and 30 Avenue and 67 Street and Orr/Johnstone Drive have dedicated right turn lanes, meaning you can turn right without entering the roundabout.