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Pedestrians and Cyclists


Roundabouts are safe and easy to use for pedestrians. Compared to regular intersections, the crossing distance is shorter and pedestrians only cross one direction of traffic at a time. 

At other intersections, drivers are looking at traffic signals and often watching for opposing traffic instead of for pedestrians, but in roundabouts drivers are able to better focus due to the slower traffic and the use of visual cues such as raised islands, painted crosswalks, and flashing lights. 

To cross streets in a roundabout: 

  1. Step to the curb and point your finger across the crosswalk to signal to drivers that you intend to cross. Push the crosswalk light signal button if there is one, and cross when it is safe to do so.
  2. Cross to the raised median on the other side only when traffic yields or stops and there is a safe gap in traffic. As you cross, keep pointing until you reach the other side of the road.  Make sure drivers in all lanes see you crossing.  
  3. Repeat these steps to cross the other direction of traffic. 

Remember to only cross at designated crosswalks. Never cross the centre of a roundabout.   


Cyclists have two choices at a roundabout, depending on your skill level and comfort riding in traffic.

Experienced cyclists travel through the roundabout on the road using the same general rules that apply to drivers.

  • Approach the roundabout as you would if you were driving a vehicle.
  • Select your lane and use hand signals to signal your intentions to other drivers.
  • Yield to drivers in the roundabout and pedestrians in the crosswalk; only enter when there is a safe gap in traffic.
  • Stay in your lane and maintain a good pace; ride in the middle of your lane and don't hug the curb.

If you aren't as comfortable riding your bike in traffic, you must dismount and walk through the crosswalk. Use the sidewalks and crosswalks following the same rules that apply for pedestrians.