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Driving a Large Vehicle

Large Vehicles

Large vehicles, especially trucks with trailers, often need extra space in roundabouts, and may take up more than one lane when turning. Many roundabouts, like the one at at 67 Street and 30 Avenue and 67 Street  and Orr/Johnstone Drive, have truck aprons to accommodate large vehicles. A truck apron is a raised concrete area near the centre of the roundabout that gives large vehicles extra space while navigating the roundabout. The dedicated right turn lanes in this roundabout will also make it easier for large vehicles to move through the roundabout.  

All of the same rules of the road apply for large vehicles in roundabouts. Drivers should enter the roundabout in correct lane for their destination, as their size allows.

If you're turning right: 

  • If a designated turn lane is not provided, you may need to use more than just one lane, just like any other right turn.
  • Check for surrounding traffic and proceed with caution.
  • Continually check all mirrors until you clear the roundabout and be prepared to give the right of way to other drivers if needed.

If you're turning left or going straight through: 

  • When you're approaching the roundabout, choose the lane that will keep traffic on your "sight" side. Trucks should straddle both lanes in order to properly enter the roundabout.
  • Check for surrounding traffic and enter the roundabout when it's clear, keeping in mind that your trailer may off-track into neighbouring lanes or onto the truck apron.
  • Continually check all mirrors until you clear the roundabout.

truck encroachment signThe Truck Encroachment sign reminds drivers that large vehicles may use both lanes of the roundabout and to not attempt to pass large vehicles.