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4. Entering

Yield and Enter the Roundabout 

One of the most important things to remember when entering a roundabout is to yield. This means only stopping to give right of way to vehicles already in the roundabout. If the way is clear, you don't need to yield. Traffic already in the roundabout always has the right of way. 

Once you've picked your lane and signalled, you're ready to enter the roundabout. To safely enter the roundabout: 

  • Look left and yield to traffic in the roundabout. Do not merge next to a circulating vehicle.
  • Stop only if necessary and proceed slowly when it's safe to do so.
  • Watch the pedestrian crosswalks and yield to pedestrians who are crossing in the roundabout. Some roundabouts have flashing amber lights at crosswalks, but pedestrians always have the right of way in crosswalks, even if the lights haven't been activated, or if there aren't lights.

Signal and exit the roundabout

Once you are in the roundabout, simply stay in your lane until your exit. It is important to choose the correct lane on entry so you don't have to change lanes in the roundabout.

While driving in a roundabout, watch for large vehicles that may take up more than one lane. Never pass a large vehicle when there isn't enough room to do so. Give large vehicles extra room to ensure they are able to safely enter and exit the roundabout.